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The reason why you should use Air Pressure Testing

We offer Simple solutions to your Air Leakage problems based on years of practical on-site experience.

• Rapid turnaround of quotes. This can be done over the phone up to 20.00rs while you wait or use our online “get a quote” service.
• Easy to read quotes with all costs clearly shown. (No hidden extras, and no more wading through pages of technical information when all you need is a price.)
• Fast, simple and efficient administrative system.
• Pre-site visits. (A small charge is made for this service.)
• Simple, reliable and accurate on-site test procedures that comply with the latest revised standards.
• Non intrusive test method
• Saturday & Sunday as well as out of hours working up to 22.00 hrs
• Flexible test times to suit YOU.
• Quick response for a test. (This can be as little as 24hrs if all the details are made available to us, to include the envelope area and the volume of the building along with the Air leakage rate you need to achieve
• Friendly, knowledgeable staff on all tests.
• Our aim is to get you a Pass!

Air Pressure Testing Services

Air Pressure Testing Ltd offers a complete range of technical Air Tightness testing, Thermographic surveys and consultancy services to help clients gain compliance to Part L. Please use the links to understand some of the services Air Pressure Testing Ltd offers, from air tightness and smoke tests, to Acoustic Testing and Thermographic surveys and various consultancy services.

If you have any specific requirements that are not detailed, please contact us at we should be able to help whatever your query/question may be if you don’t know the answer we usually do!


Air Pressure Testing
Air or Sound Test failures to hardover stages of a project can prove costly in relation to both financial and programme aspects of the project.

Successful Building Air and Sound Tests stem from an attention to detail at an early stage in the Design and Construction Processes.

Our company believes in working with our clients to achieve the best possible results for an Air Test. We believe that by being involved at the beginning of a project we can save our clients expensive and difficult remedial works at the completion stage of a project.

The checklists below provide information to help our clients prepare for air tests. The items that need to be completed prior to an air test being carried out are listed and common areas of air leakage identified.

View houses checklist

View commercial checklist

If you require information on different areas of leakage, different types of construction materials/materials.

View building materials construction checklist

View acoustic testing checklist

Air Test Services
When providing air test services to our clients we are able to provide a personal, helpful, efficient and cost effective service. When contracting for Air Test services, Air Pressure Testing strive to give you clear accurate answers without the hype, so you can make informed decisions. Air Pressure Testing have many years experience and have evaluated hundreds of homes and commercial structures for air test, acoustic and air leakage testing issues.

For further information, see detailed information on Air Test services.

Fire Enclosure Testing method statement
Air Pressure Testing can provide the necessary Room Integrity Testing to the required NFPA 2001 or ISO 14520 methodologies. We have extensive experience in testing all types and sizes of enclosure, from server rooms in offices to hospital intensive care units. In each case we carry out the necessary volumetric calculations prior to the test and use calibrated test fan systems along with laptops running complaint CA2001 software to determine results immediately upon completion of test.

View Fire Integrity Checklist


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