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Irrigation Pumps Case Study

APT had been commissioned to assess whether the noise level (acoustic testing) from a series a large irrigation pump located at 100 meters from the nearest sensitive property, showed any increment in the existing background at the facade (window) of the house. APT were to undertake a Noise Impact Assessment and were to consider whether the noise at the nearest sensitive properties would be within acceptable levels.

Eligibility for planning approval on the grounds of noise was assessed using the guidance given in the World Health Organisation Guidelines (WHO), and local guidelines.

Irrigation Pump Noise Map

Our report therefore described the noise impact assessment of the site, the subsequent analysis to determine the noise environment of the pump units and compared the results with national and local standards and specific criteria. The report included the following information:

  • Location of the nearest sensitive window at the closest residential property.
  • Background noise levels assessment over the proposed hours of operation.
  • Frequency band analysis of noise of the proposed plant.
  • Calculations for the predicted noise level 1 meter from the window of the nearest residential property.

Acoustic Testing & Sound Testing
Air pressure Testing undertakes the acoustic design of the projects from the initial scheme stage to completion. We offer a nonsense professional proactive approach to Acoustic Testing & Sound Testing, ensuring you  company receives professional advice every step of the way.

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