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Acoustic Testing Services

BB93 Sound Testing of Schools
Several studies have noted a link between noise and academic standards/achievement, BB93 tackles this when sued in conjunction with Part E of building regulations.

It is in the best interests of the school to make classroom acoustics a high priority for the education of the children, as well as for the health and well being of their staff. A recent addition to Approved Document E has been the inclusion of a requirement stipulating that acoustics shall be incorporated into the design of schools.

Building Bulletin 93 Acoustic Design of Schools, A Design Guide (BB93) provides a regulatory framework for the acoustic design of schools in support of Approved Document E. Compliance with The Building Regulations is demonstrated by submitting specific details to the relevant Building Control Body, the majority of which are contained within a specialist BB93 report from an acoustics consultant.

It is now common practice that BB93 compliance testing is also contained within a school’s building contract to confirm that the construction achieves its design intent. At Air Pressure Testing we offer a complete design and testing service in support of achieving compliance with BB93.

Whatever the project, Air Pressure Testing can provide a solution to ensure your project complies with the Building Regulations.


Acoustic Testing - Further Information
For further information on Acoustic Testing please visit the 'why acoustic_testing page'.

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