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Accredited to ISO/IEC 17025:2005

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Air Sealing & Fire Stopping Services

Air Sealing & Fire Stopping Services
Air Pressure Testing has undertaken Air Sealing and Fire Sealing on all types of buildings from Hospitals to large schools since 2003 to help achieve improved customer comfort and reduce heating costs by undertaking remedial air and fire sealing.

AIR PRESSURE TESTING LTD has been involved with the air sealing and fire stopping to over 300 buildings.
We have a vast amount of experience in accessing awkward to reach areas, and pride ourselves on offering a service with a minimum of disruption to your project as well as other contractors during the air sealing and fire stopping works.

Our operatives have a vast amount of experience in sealing awkward areas; and have the knowledge to quickly locate potential problem areas and offer solutions.

Since the new part L regulations were introduced in 2002 Air Pressure Testing have become heavily involved with the air sealing of new buildings and are able to offer a comprehensive sealing service from initial design reviews and site surveys to onsite air sealing and fire integrity sealing works and onto the final air leakage and air integrity test. This provides you a one stop solution for all of air leakage and fire integrity testing.

Air Sealing & Fire stopping in one cost effective package
Whatever your project, you can be sure Air Pressure Testing will deliver a high standard of air sealing and fire stopping contracting work with good finish and minimum inconvenience - on time and in budget. Air Pressure Testing has highly trained and friendly proactive air sealing teams working across the England & Wales, we have offices in Luton (main office) London & Cardiff.

Successful Air Sealing & Fire Sealing comes from understanding and coordinating the air sealing details from the offset, and understanding the huge variety of modern materials which combine to form the construction of all types of modern buildings. Air Pressure Testing have delivered airtight envelopes to similar construction types in the past and are able to install durable, cost-effective solutions. If a building construction is a one off we will look at this in isolation to develop a practical way forward.

Should a building fail its first air test, you can rest assured Air Pressure Testing will have the skills to deliver a solution. Air Pressure Testing has a 100% success rate in reducing air leakage rates, to below that stated in specifications. After a number of failed air tests; we have taken over the Air Tightness duties on projects where other Air Tightness Testing companies have been removed due to poor performance issues, in these instances the customer has repeatedly used Air Pressure Testing as a one stop solution for all there Air and Fire Sealing requirements. Our typical remedial works take between 2 days to two weeks depending on the extent of works/size of project required.

We also carryout work at night or weekends to minimise disruption, this is often undertaken on projects such as Power Stations and Hospitals.

We have built up a large data base of customers by offering our clients:
• A well managed safe system of works
• Effective proactive service that operates around your requirements
• A rapid value engineered cost-efficient service

Air barrier & seal lines of buildings and enclosures
The air barrier needs to be continuous around the whole envelope, this includes; floor, roof & walls. The components that make up the air barrier needs to be durable and maintainable in the long term. The air seal line can be drawn on construction drawings, showing the physical barrier that make up the airtight envelope of the building. The maintainable aspect is extremely important for Fire Enclosure Testing as there may be ongoing service penetration updates, which will require quick effective repairs to ensure its ongoing integrity.

If you require Air Pressure Testing to coordinate your site/building/s enclosure testing; please download our Annual Enclosure Testing Regime form. Once downloaded fill it out; with the number of enclosures required and the annual date; and we will set up a testing schedule to cater for your requirements.

Fire Sealing Products
Fire Pillows
Fire Pillows are used to create temporary or permanent fire barriers in walls and floor/ceiling structures. They are suitable for use on concrete, masonry, porous concrete wall constructions and concrete floor constructions and have the following advantages:

• 2 hour fire rating
• Tested to BS 476 Part 20:1987
• Simple to install, remove and replace
• Maintenance free
• Contain no respirable fibres
• Unaffected by moisture, condensation or humidity

Lightweight Fire Cavity Barrier
We use high performance, lightweight fire cavity barriers designed to stop smoke and flame, and also to insulate against heat transfer and the possible ignition of materials on the cold side of the barrier.

The Fire Cavity Barriers are used to isolate structures within roof voids and above suspended ceilings and have the following advantages:

• Lightweight
• Versatile
• Easily modified
• Tested to BS 476: Part 20/22
• Waterproof
• Simple to fix
• 120mins integrity
• 30mins insulation

Fire rated mineral fibre slabs
Cost effective, lightweight fire protection for up to 4 hours for passages through fire rated compartment walls and floors.

• Lightweight
• Versatile
• Easily modified
• Waterproof
• Tested to BS476 Parts 20/22

Penetration sealing
Sealing of gaps & voids; made in fires walls, (plasterboard or block) to retain the fire compartmentation.

Fire Intumescent and Acoustic Mastic
Fire Intumescent and Acoustic Mastic is flexible, water based, cartridge applied acrylic intumescent sealant. Air curing, it forms a non-hardening flexible seal. When exposed to fire; it will swell to 4 times its original size, creating a char, preventing the passage of fire, smoke and toxic gases for up to 4 hours.

• Flexible water based intumescent acrylic sealant
• Tested to BS476 Part 20/22
• Up to 4 hours fire resistant
• Long term flexibility
• Excellent adhesion

Fire Rated Expanding Foam
Fire Rated Expanding Foam is a polyurethane based product which sets into its elastic form by using moisture present in the atmosphere.
It is suitable for filling gaps around window and door frames, backfilling around service penetrations and filling irregular or awkward gaps. Fire Rated Expanding Foam can expand up to 40 times it original volume.

Fire Rated Expanding Foam is fire rated up to 2 hours and offers excellent adhesion to many common building substrates and once cured the foam can be cut, sawn, painted or plastered over.

Fire Rated Expanding Foam is tested to BS476 Part 20:1987 and other International Standards.

• Fire rating up to 2 hours
• Excellent adhesion to many common building substrates
• Once cured the foam can be cut, sawn, painted or plastered over
• Expands up to 40 times its original volume
• Colored pink to identify as a fire rated product

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Air Pressure Testing or Sound Test failures to a project can prove costly in relation to both financial and programme aspects of the project. Successful Building Air and Sound Tests stem from an attention to detail at an early stage in the Design and Construction Processes. This is something we at Air Pressure Testing take very seriously.

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