Acoustic Testing & Consultancy Services


Acoustic Consultancy Services
Air pressure Testing undertakes the acoustic design of the projects from the initial scheme stage to completion. We offer a nonsense professional proactive approach to Acoustic Testing & Sound Testing, ensuring you  company receives professional advice every step of the way, with a continual consideration of cost. We have considerable experience in all matters related to architectural acoustic design and detailing. In our usual professional capacity, we are responsible for developing the acoustic design of the project from the initial design scheme stage right through to the sound testing. We have hands on experience in all aspects of acoustic design of commercial and residential projects; in particular acoustic isolation, and interior acoustic. We use the latest acoustic prediction and modeling software systems. We also use the latest Norsonic equipment analysers and sound sources for conventional and binaural acoustic measurements.

Acoustic Testing
In order to achieve the current sound insulation performance requirements of Approved Document E of the current Building Regulations, it is highly recommended  recommend you employ the services of an Acoustic Consultancy such as Air pressure Testing Ltd to survey  your design/construction proposals. We will provide you with a clear review of the expected performance of your proposed design using the latest software and our vast construction experience, and will advise on any additional treatment to be applied as necessary.

We also offer site survey visits which allow you (the client) and your contractor to feel confident about the outcome of testing at the end of the build. These sessions allow you to raise any concerns you may have with regards to acoustic detailing and also give us an opportunity to guide you through the process, avoiding crucial mistakes. Remember some times you can have a compliant design which still fails due to poor workmanship, the site survey visits negate the risk of sound test failure.

Acoustic Testing - Design points to keep in mind

·                     The use of suspended ceilings will help improve the performance of floors, it is essential this is carefully looked at during the design stage

·                     Including a resilient layer or adopting an "acoustic" flooring system will improve the impact   performance of a floor.

·                     The best wall or floor construction can be seriously compromised by poor acoustic detailing.

Once APT has undertaken and completed the
Acoustic Testing & Sound Testing survey our consultants will assess the results against any relevant criteria e.g part E, BB93, Eco Homes etc,, also we take into account unique planning conditions and/or any client specific criteria and advise on appropriate measures which should be taken in order achieve compliance. This may involve the relocation or modification of plant and equipment, or the use of acoustic barriers or enclosures.

Acoustic Testing & Sound Testing
APT uses the latest in-house software to sound insulation of the building façade so noise break-in, or indeed noise break-out can be accurately modelled, along with the control of noise within the building based on the sound insulation provided by the internal partitions and their associated flanking structures.

We can advise you in the following areas:

·         Project planning and co-ordination of acoustic design.

·         Acoustic commissioning and measurements of commercial and residential facilities.

·         Computer modeling of architectural and acoustic spaces for noise control and modal behavior.

Building Acoustics Planning Software
Our software undertakes the calculation of airborne and impact sound transmission in buildings and of airborne sound transmission of outdoor sound.

Acoustic Testing & Sound Testing
Acoustic Testing & Sound Testing
Acoustic Testing & Sound Testing

The calculation of sound transmission is worked out by the software which takes into account all sound transmitting elements and systems into consideration which are relevant for the individual room-to-room situation. In addition to the separating and the four flanking elements, doors and windows can be inserted into the separating construction. Further, flanking elements or even airborne sound transmitting systems, such as ventilation and cable ducts, can be added.

All calculation results for airborne sound transmission between rooms and from the outside can be rendered audible with for various interior and exterior sound sources and for different kinds of receiving rooms.

Acoustic Testing - Further Information
For further information on Acoustic Testing please visit the 'why acoustic testing page'.

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